2 simple delicious milk tea recipes at home and instructions

A guide to the 2 most unique delicious milk tea recipes will help you create your own business know-how. Pocket these tips, make sure your shop will be expensive.

1. Traditional milk tea recipe

Traditional milk tea is extremely popular in the soft drink market. It is suitable for the taste of many subjects: students, children, adults, old people … In the summer, this is the best-selling drink. From children, office workers, cafés, coffee shops … are passionate and want to enjoy every day.

The biggest plus for this drink is the bitter, bitter and sweet taste that blends with the aroma that is not fat of milk. Sipping on this unique sip of water, we are like to fly into the world of nature, forget about fatigue, the hot summer sun outside.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho công thức nấu trà sữa

The secret to success in this drink business is to choose really good teas to arouse its taste. Do not think that using any ingredients is the same. Totally wrong. Each type of tea has a different type of flavor, bitter and acrid. If you are a fan of this drink, you can easily distinguish it.

Choose materials:

– Black tea: Depending on the type.

– Condensed milk.

– Sugar.


– Boiling water, the water must ensure that the new 100o C heater can awaken the taste of the oversleeping tea. Hold for about 10 minutes, then grab the juice.

– Add condensed milk to the cup of braised juice above. If you want to drink a little sweeter, add sugar. You can use a shake to shake vigorously so that the mixture blends, creating a foam over the glass. Evaluation of experts, compared to stirring, when adding to shake cup, more delicious, unique taste.

– Pour the mixture into the cup, add ice cubes and enjoy.

2. Delicious pearl milk tea recipes

Pearl milk tea is one of the drinks that are young in the world. You can enjoy with 2 types: original drink with condensed milk and create fruit flavor. How to drink also depends on customer preferences: hot or cold drink. The most common is cold drinking.

How to make pearl beads:

Pearl beads play an extremely important role in creating a unique drink. Therefore, you must be meticulous in the process of cooking pearls. Or, make pearl beads yourself with energy powder and arbitrary colors. Coloring with natural food colors: coffee color, turmeric yellow, orange yellow of carot, pineapple green, purple pea flower.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pearl milk tea

– Take 200gram of energy powder, add hot water to boil 70 – 80 degrees C. After that, knead the dough until it becomes smooth and flexible.

– You can turn into small pellets. Put the pearls in the pot of boiling water. Stir well until it emerges. Take out and put it in ice for the purpose of eating without being too soft.

– After that, drain the water, mix some sugar. You should take a look at how to make Taiwanese milk tea


– Choose delicious tea to create a different flavor for your drink. After you have chosen the material you want, make sure you have the tea brakes, take the concentrated water. Add some milk.

– Stir the mixture well, you will have a cup of milk tea prepared. Finally, add pearl beads to make.

– With just a few simple steps, you already have a drink that makes millions addicted.