Beef steaks and lots of useful cooking tips

To make a delicious beefsteak is not easy, the tips below will help you get the best beef steak according to your preferences.

1. Decide before you want to ripen. Some people want meat still red (almost live, blue), but most want to ripen medium (well done). If you decide in advance, you will estimate the right time to stop.

2. Do not turn the meat too many times, avoid touching the meat too much when cooking.

3. Use tongs to flip the meat. Should not be on the same plate or pointed objects, as it can puncture the outer surface of the meat and cause loss of fresh water and dry the piece of meat.


4. When using tongs, do not pinch the meat too hard, as it may lose the meat’s fresh water. If you want to test the maturity of the meat, use only the flat side of the clamp to lightly press on the meat.

5. Do not eat as soon as you have finished cooking, but give it to the plate and wait a few minutes, until the freshness of the meat begins to flow out.

6. Not necessarily expensive meat. When preparing this dish at home, you do not have to choose the top grade beef. Choose the meat between the tenderloin and the ribs or lower abdomen that has a little fat tissue in the process of making steak and you eat softer and not dry.


7. Do not put oil on the grill or on the meat when making steak because during cooking the cooking oil will flare up the fire to change the taste of beef.

8. Use simple spices. Many people have a habit of marinating a variety of spices such as star anise, cinnamon or five flavored spices for beef steaks, however, during the processing of these spices, the flavor changes make the beef no longer retain the inherent quality.


The simpler the steak, the more delicious, the best and with a little salt. Pepper has increased the flavor of the dish, however, you should sprinkle pepper when finished baking. If you put it before baking, the high temperature will make the bitter taste lessen the deliciousness of this dish.