Daily Menu Of Bodybuilder World Champion

Phillip Jerrod Heath is an American professional bodybuilder. He has won 4 consecutive times in the Olympia league since 2011. Here is the coach’s share of Phillip’s daily schedule and menu to maintain weight and muscle.


According to Healthy Celeb, the high intensity of training requires Phillip to have a special high-volume diet. Every day he eats 7 meals with various foods depending on the season. This special diet helps reduce fat and increase maximum muscle mass before each game. In addition to food, Phillip’s menu is supplemented with dedicated vitamins and proteins to increase muscle building and maintain a standard shape.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Phillip Jerrod Heath

Phillip’s menu

– The first meal: 2.5 egg whites, 1 bowl of oats,

– The second meal: chicken breast, 1 bowl of brown rice, boiled vegetables

– The 3rd and 4th meal: Beef tenderloin, potatoes

– The 5th meal: chicken breast, a bowl of brown rice

– The 6th and 7th meal: Tilapia or flounder, broccoli

Every day, when not preparing for any tournament, athlete Phillip also performs a low-starch diet, rich in protein from eggs, fish, beef, oats and vegetables

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phillip jerrod heath menu

Exercise mode

Phillip’s coach Hany Rambod set out to practice the strict “Fascia Stretch” morning and evening. The exclusive Fascia Stretch training mode for Phillip includes 7 exercises performed 6-12 times in a row.

– Exercise Arm Dumbbell Extension to increase arm muscles, perform 10-12 times, 3 set.

– Exercises for Dumbbell Kickback dual weight training to increase back muscles, performed 10-12 times, 3 sets.

– Weightes dips, exercise 10-12 times, 2 sets.

– Exercise Cable push down, perform 8-12 times, 7 set.

During the season, Phillip’s training schedule is very strict. He maintained a weight of about 110 kg. The coach asks Phillip to start up and take care of the body parts carefully before and after each training session.

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Every day, Phillip practices rigorous exercises such as squats, joints, tendons, legs, and breasts to ensure that he maintains standard muscle and fat levels, maintaining his body shape. Sometimes, his training schedule loosened and flexible depending on the health and needs of the season.