Deep Rich French Onion Soup in a Slow Cooker

In order to make an excellent French onion soup, it’s necessary to caramelize onions. This can be time consuming and the onions must be watched and stirred until caramelized. If watching and stirring onions in not your favorite thing to do, don’t worry about it. Onions can be caramelized easily in a slow cooker. Because of this, this it’s possible to make this Deep Rich French Onion Soup in a Slow Cooker without watching the onions.

This recipe does take some time, but the slow cooker does the work while you’re doing other things you’d rather be doing (like sleeping). Cook the onions while you sleep, add other ingredients before you head out to work in the morning, and come home to the delicious smells or this Deep Rich French Onion Soup.

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