Delicious dishes from chicken legs around the world

Chicken legs are not only a favorite of Indians but also a specialty of many countries around the world.

Chicken legs are a unique ingredient of food processing in many countries around the world. Although less common in Western cuisine, chicken-related dishes also contribute significantly to diversifying Asian, African or American culinary culture.

China – Stewed Chicken Legs

Not only famous in China, chicken legs stew is also present in many culinary cultures influenced by other Chinese culture such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan … Considered a popular form of dim sum ( snacks are steamed in a bamboo basket), chicken legs are stewed with soy sauce, cloves, pepper, star anise, cinnamon for a long time until the skin becomes dull and turns dark brown, the cartilage not tough but flexible.


Korea – Sweet and sour chicken legs

In Korea, chicken legs are fried in a spicy sauce, grilled once more and served with sweet and sour sauce. This is the favorite dish of men, sold popular in the pubs on the sidewalk to high-end restaurants.

Malaysia – Chicken legs cooked with curry

In Malaysia, chicken legs are often cooked with Malay curry, served with Indian style flatbread. In Selangor, chicken legs are boiled in a soup with vegetables and spices until the bones are soft, then fried in palm oil. Malay chicken stew is also very popular with Malay people.

Trinidad – Pickled chicken legs

In Trinidad cuisine, the chicken legs are cleaned, seasoned, boiled and then soaked in cucumber, onion, chili, and spices until the chicken legs turn green. This is considered cool and nutritious food.


South Africa – Bush chicken legs

The dish of chicken legs in South Africa is actually grilled chicken legs, but the name is derived from the chicken legs creating dust on the ground when moving. Chicken legs are prepared by dipping in boiling water to remove the outer thin skin membrane, then seasoned and grilled.

Jamaica – Chicken legs soup

In Jamaican cuisine, chicken legs are mainly used as chicken legs soup, along with sweet potatoes, potatoes, green bananas, dumplings and other spices. The ingredients are stewed for at least two hours before serving. In addition, chicken legs are also cooked curry and a main dish in meals.