Instructions for delicious Thai pad recipes

The way to make a delicious Thai pad imbued with Thai identity is quite simple but many people do it wrong with its original.

Unlike the pad Thai sold abroad, you will find very rare Pad Thai sold in Thailand with any other meat besides shrimp. A basic Pad Thai usually only has a little water, topped with cakes and a piece of tofu. For the most part, this dish usually has fried eggs with noodles or fried a thin layer of egg wrapped around to make the dish look more attractive. The vegetables in Pad Thai are chives and green bean sprouts. Find out how to make this special dish!



– 100g dried shrimp

– 100g of white sugar

– 220g palm sugar

– 1 package of pho noodles

– 200g fish sauce

– 1 piece of fried tofu

– 2 eggs

– 50g shallots

– 8 cakes


How to cook Thai pad

Step 1

First we will proceed to make pad Thai sauces that we often eat but will be more imbued with the nature of Thai cuisine! Cook corn in a large saucepan, turn on the heat and add crushed jaggery sugar, then add white sugar, fish sauce and tamarind juice to melt, remember to cook with low heat and stir until mixed. If it becomes a glue, turn off the heat!

Step 2

Next, clean the tofu and cut into small cubes, about 2cm wide. Noodles is soaked in cold water or you can use egg noodles to make pad Thai style stir fried noodles are ok all!

Step 3

How to make Thai pad using both dried shrimp and fresh shrimp! Fresh shrimp you peeled, leaving the tail of shrimp to decorate beautifully, draw only shrimp on the back and belly and then wash and drain your dentist. Dried shrimp, soaked in cold water for hatching and rinse thoroughly.

Step 4

Next to perform the cooking pad, you start to cook a pan, turn on the heat, wait for the hot pan to add cooking oil, when cooking oil, add chopped garlic and onion into the aromatic, add beans in the deep-fried crispy then add both fresh and dried shrimp, stir-fry, season with salt.


Step 5

Next step you add noodles to the pan and then add the two eggs that have been dissolved into the pan, then add the sauce that we have prepared above, reduce the heat and season to taste more to taste.

Step 6

Finally, you want a peanut and a chopped chilli, finally you stir the bean sprouts and shallots in a little stir and turn off the heat! You can refer to adding more materials according to each person’s taste in different pad Thai blog.

Step 7

Put the pad into a plate and use it with chives, chili, peanuts and lemon.


How to make delicious Thai pad is simple, right? Each strand of noodles soaked in sauce plus sweet and crunchy shrimp flavor will make you fascinated to the top. Wish you success with this special way of cooking pad of Thai!