Special nutrition secret of bodybuilder athletes

Nutrition takes up 70% of your workout results. If you want to get the perfect physique or achieve the best results in the exercise, please refer to some special notes from the diet of bodybuilders.

Firstly, it is necessary to say clearly about the regime of athletes who are professional in comparison to where you are. Athletes often have to concentrate on building a lot of muscles, which is the purpose of their practice. Therefore, each applicable diet should meet this requirement. If you are practicing just to be in good health and fit in shape, consult and decrease accordingly for yourself.


Second, each body is different. When referring to any diet, consider and research whether they are right for you. Insistence on applying not only does not bring efficiency, it also has the opposite effect, making practice useless. Consult with your coach to find the best diet for yourself.

Eat a lot or eat less?

There are many questions about this issue. Some people think bodybuilders have to eat a lot to get exercise and muscle-building energy. Others claim that they eat very little, tighten their diet so as not to cause weight gain or fat accumulation. In fact, having to balance both, not having to eat more or less and eating enough is the most accurate answer.


Bodybuilding athletes will eat a lot of protein to build muscle, adding saturated fats or carb benefits. Of course, anyone’s body needs to be supplied with enough substance, unable to cut off starch or sugar completely. Reduce them with the right proportions or replace them with foods that provide similar nutrients but are more beneficial for bodybuilding and health.

Eat lots of meals or 3 meals?

You often hear advice about splitting meals very well for practice. But at the same time, are there doubts when eating too many meals will cause weight gain? This is entirely possible if you don’t know how to calculate the calories taken into your body.


In fact, the purpose of breaking up a meal so you don’t feel hungry in the middle of the day. If you eat three main meals, you often have to eat a lot to maintain energy. Eating more will make you tired, no longer interested in training. Bodybuilding athletes recommend you break up meals, you can have snacks, a distance of 3-4 hours for each meal. Most importantly, calculate the calories accordingly. If you don’t know how much you need, how many calories do you need to drink or a glass of vitamins you have just taken? At that time, splitting or just eating the main meal is no longer useful.