The Most Favorite Cooking Video Games That Will Teach You How to Cook (part 1)

Have you ever thought a video game could teach you how to cook? The fact is that video game publishers are taking the industry beyond strategic gameplay and using the video game to help us learn something new. However, what impresses us the most are the games that are designed to help us learn how to cook. Read on to find out the cooking video games available today, and how they can help you add to your kitchen skills.

Personal Trainer: Cooking (by Nintendo DS)

This is one of my favorite cooking games on the market today. The Nintendo DS is the leader in self-help games in the present and their cooking games are no exception. Personal Trainer: Cooking seems to be walking into a virtual cookbook. There are more than 200 recipes that can be viewed all at once or by country. Each recipe is listed briefly with ingredients, steps for preparation, and how to cook. What is most impressive is that everything is red out loud to you so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to read as you would from a cookbook. Of all the platforms, the DS is the best in terms of cooking since this little handheld can sit right next to you on your kitchen counter.

What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver (by Nintendo DS)

What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver is similar to Personal Trainer: Cooking, except that it also has some optional gameplay featured. Jamie Oliver is right there with you to narrate each recipe and that makes the whole process more fun. There are about 100 recipes in this game and a shopping list which allows you to take your DS right into the grocery store with you. Don’t let Jamie Oliver’s name on the game make you think that is the only thing going for it. The recipes are fantastic and easy to prepare.